Effigy Inspirations an Ongoing Look at what shaped this Effigy


Recently I have been trying very hard to find time to make consistent blog posts on the Effigy website and even harder than finding time is finding the correct voice for the posts. Originally I started off writing like a business and letting people know about the services we can offer. Buttons, t-shirts, custom vinyl graphics , blah, blah blah.

Thats all fine and dandy for the 1st little while, I can only regurgitate the same info so many times before I am having even less fun writing it than you are reading it. So I have decided to take a different approach for a little while I will be looking back at what makes Effigy Design what it is.

Just like any form of art one of the most important things is having a unique style. When it come to photography, tattoo, painting…pretty much anything you want to have your own look and feel. You want to be able to see a bunch of pictures in a magazine or in a gallery showing and to be able to pick out a specific artist piece based on its aesthetic not the name tag underneath it and thats what I want to focus on.

As for the voice of this blog, I am going to start talking like a real person, me, Adam Dagenais. Effigy Design is my baby, my venue, my outlet and my source of income but it is also an amalgamation of my likes and dislikes and all sorts of inspiration sprinkled in from my child hood and what makes me, me.

For the next little bit I will be posting about things that inspire me and in turn inspire the work and design that comes out of Effigy. Also don’t forget to use all sorts of key words in your posts so they show up better in google results :)

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That should do it…..